Hateful Julie!

A Most Righteously Overdue Arrival

Alright, pals. Here it is in all its absurd glory. A Most Righteous Kierkegaard: Spring to Winter is available for streaming on bandcamp here and now. 7 + 6 + 7 + 6 tunes (and one bonus cover song) are available within each of their respective seasons. Check out all the albums and tunes and see what you think. Hateful Julie AMRK shirts will also be available soon.


Hateful Julie – Sifl & Olly

This album is a tribute to Liam Lynch and the magnificent creation of Sifl & Olly. Thanks for understanding.

Have a sticker idea.


Short Stories for Impatient People

Here you go, folks.

Fourteen plus one tiny tracks of music so brief that you’ll hardly realize you’ve heard it! Take all the stolen glances you like…because it’s here actually! For just a bit of scratch, you can download 14 + 1 bonus tracks and then listen to your rapidly beating heart’s content!