Girlband & My Bible Company


The Story Of

Back in 1997, after dropping out of the 8th grade, Jennifer, Mallory, and Lexi started the band. Their goal was to play the halftime show at the Super Bowl. Sadly, that never happened. In 1998, Jennifer got married to some 40 year old beer bum. So, Scott took over on vocals and bass. In 1999, Mallory quit the band. She said that the emotion was dead and the lack of technical guitar playing was ruining the songs. Thus, Cary took over on drums. (He didn’t mind the lack of emotion.) Lastly, in the year 2000, Lexi got pregnant and left the band to take care of her twins – leaving us with Steve to pick up the torch on axe.

The new lineup still plays all the Girlband originals.

The Letdown (NEW!)

Rock For Beginners

Music to the Untrained Ear (Digging out the old tracks. We’ll have them up soon.)

One Disaster After Another

My Bible Company

This is where the angry music lives.

Singing Missionary Journey blah blah blah…

Blood Makes The Grass Grow