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If you are a band looking for album design/illustration work, please have a look around. If you’re interested, email me directly at: Captain Fakehead

Your Local “Noose!”

Hateful Julie – A Most Righteous Kierkegaard

– The latest from Hateful Julie, A Most Righteous Kierkegaard is available for all your abject listening needs. Give it a shot. You might be surprised in like a, I dunno…weird existential way? You can find it on Bandcamp or Spotify. Pick your poison, big shooter. 



– Recently completed a spoken word track for Waywords and Meansigns, a project that puts all of James Joyce’s, Finnegans Wake to music. I was lucky enough to get the infamous Denver local, Dameon Merkl of Bad Luck City and Lost Walks to read the passage and he killed it. Have a listen, and when you’re done, listen to the tons of other great tracks and passages – getting maximum fill of Mr. Joyce’s master(pieces)!

– If you’re looking for the new Hateful Julie album, “Short Stories for Impatient People” — it’s here!

Have a listen to all 14 tracks (15 if you feel like jingling the change in your pockets a bit) and make it quick!

Sifl & Olly Tribute Album

If you’re cool, you know what’s going on.




– Or, take a look at some of the recent design/illustration work I’ve finished for Black in Bluhm Music!


Now go…be free.