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Welcome to Haunted Robot, Ltd. –  Home of everything C. Haun related.

If you are a band looking for album design/illustration work, please have a look around. If you’re interested, email me directly at: Captain Fakehead

Your Local “Noose!”



Get them while they’re hot, folks. Chris Fogal at Black in Bluhm Studios was cool enough to let me slap a design on some gear for The Gamits. Not too shabby if I do say so myself. Click the links, buy the stuff, support the scene.










Some more cool stuff coming down the pipeline soon. A split label re-issue of Busrider’s “First Cassette” on Briercrest Records, Ratgirl Records, and Jerk Off Records; and maybe even a fun update on the Behold! The False Prophets graphic novel. Until then, thanks for understanding.

Love, Cee

(Now go…be free.)