Behold! The False Prophets


Illustrated novel coming soon! — A comic that smells faintly of marshmallows.

Chatting with the gods…

“Gods suppressed become devils, and often it is these devils whom we first encounter when we turn inward.” — Joseph Campbell

“This ain’t no picnic!” — D. Boon

If you’re here, cool. If not, well that’s cool too. B!FP is a work-in-progress kind of thing. It was a side project where I could ease myself back into drawing comics. What it has become is something a little more complicated. This simply means that what the idea of B!FP used to be–a random forum with semi-random characters in a not-so-random display of comic strip art–is now the opposite. It is now a not-so-random forum with semi-random characters in a random display of comic strip art. (See what I did there? Yeah, I know. Not so simple. I ramble too much.)

What it will be is a graphic novel. At the start, I was shooting for approximately 100 pages. As of today (05/02/2017), I am working on page 250. Not too shabby. My guess at this point is that it will be over 300 pages. This is a far cry from the original estimate of 100 pages. The story just kind of got away from me there. We’ll see if the story can be contained as such. So, as it stands, I’ll cut to the chase and minimally introduce some characters. (Gotta keep that ‘err’ of mystery, right? [See what else I did there?])

Giles – An out of work angel, recently laid off. He drinks. He smokes. He’s depressed.

Felix – A homeless spirit. He drinks occasionally. He might smoke sometimes. He needs a shower.

Sally – The girl that Giles has a “secret” crush on. She works at The Donut Place. She hates just about everyone.

The two (Giles and Felix) meet in a bar–naturally. And it goes from there. Just imagine what you would do if you were just laid off from a job that you were confident that you would have for life or…for-ever! and suddenly the only person you have to talk to is a smelly and homeless spirit. OR, just imagine what you would do if you were a smelly and homeless spirit trying to get know a recently laid off angel who wants to nothing else but to drink and smoke his sorrows away. (Sounds like a page-turner, huh?)

Technical stuff: This project is strictly econo. It is drawn with pencil on 11 x 17 copy paper and then “inked” with black watercolor and permanent marker. Back in the day I would try using all that fancy ink and paper and pencil bullshit. But that’s all it really is, bullshit. If you’re going to do something, then do it. Don’t meddle with all the other stuff that somehow seem to add validity to the essence of the project. When I was trying to do a legitimate comic strip (Sixes & Sevens…name drop! /gasp) I found that if I placed too much reliance on the tools, I would fail. When I would just bring a pen in one hand and a couple of pieces of blank paper in the other, I’d win awards. No joke. This is probably just common sense to a lot of people but in my case it took some figuring out…and some failed ideas…and a lot of work ending up in the trash.

At any rate, that’s what this is. Behold! The False Prophets is a project of mine. No tags, no showboating, no fancy pens. Just a promise to the world that I’ll finish it. (Of course, after I finish it, I’m gonna peddle that shit and hopefully get it published. Yeah, right. Who am I kidding? I’ll just do it myself.)

But we’ll cross that ethically dilemmatic bridge when we burn it to the ground get to it.

Recommendations and Suggestions:

Suggested Voice Talent:

Giles: Nicholas Cage

Felix: Alan Arkin

Sally: Michelle Forbes

Max the Bartender: Emo Philips

Bataille: William Forsythe

The Voight-Kampff machine: Matt Frewer

Recommended Listening:

Main Theme: “Stucazz!!” by Il Songo Del Marinaio

Other Suggested Soundtrack…so far:

“I’ve Had It” — Black Flag

“25 Years” — Avail

“Alone Again Or” – Love

“In The City” – The Jam

“Brave Captain” – fIREHOSE

“Another View” – The Figgs

“Levon” – Elton John

El Clavo Y La Cruz” – The Plugz

“Kiss Me Deadly” – Generation X

Please note: I have no affiliation with these YT accounts, the music, or the videos posted. I am using them only as examples. All music rights are owned by their respective parties.